Friday, May 25, 2012

Gay Sailor Homecoming


Homecoming videos always make me cry. This is not an exception, but it's a special one.

Spread LOVE. Not Hate.

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Romy Christian (by Chevy Photoworks)


Romy Christian (by Chevy Photoworks)

Adam Lambert - Outlaws Of Love


This is still from Adam Lambert's "Trespassing" CD which by the way, topped the Billboard 200 charts.

One of my fave songs on the CD and a great way to end the album, being the last track.

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Marcel Cruz of Randy Blue


The super sexy Marcel Cruz of Randy Blue. He has appeared in some of Andrew Christian's video for their underwear fashion campaign.

Channing Tatum covers OUT Magazine

Channing Tatum appears on the cover of OUT Magazine

"People say that women and the gay community will go see it—knock on wood—but I know straight guys won’t be like, ‘Yo, what’s up man—you wanna go see the stripping movie after the game tonight?’ I doubt they’ll have the balls to see it. What’s funny is that the girls don’t ask me questions about my stripping days, but straight guys want to know everything. It’s that fantasy element. It’s probably why a lot of females on Halloween are the whorey version of a ketchup bottle, or slutty nurse, which I love and respect. It’s liberating."
— Magic Mike's Channing Tatum, contemplating who the movie’s audience is, in the latest issue of Out magazine


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