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One Year @ Blogspot


I signed-up here at exactly a year ago this day. I was a bit hesitant at that time because I have my then Yahoo! Group "miong21_ONLINE" which was doing pretty well. In other words, I really do not need to establish a blogsite nevertheless.

Until November of 2006, Yahoo! deleted my 3rd reformed group "miong21online" that's why I decided not to re-group it anymore and stick to They deleted my 2nd reformed group "miong21_ONLINE" days before that! Sheez!

I was talking to my dear friend Rey two weeks ago and he mentioned he was a fan since my "miong21 | ONLINE" days. I was really touched! Well, that was a hell lot 4 years ago! YAY!

(screencap and logo of the old 'miong21 | ONLINE' website, © 2002)

"miong21 | ONLINE" was my first 'gay' website and had its first run on November 9, 2002. (I had my first personal homepage in 1998 via Geocities as well!) I still don't have my own Yahoo! Groups then. It was on that website I shared my collection of male photos, video list, stories, gay links and music.

Apparently, the old site is still up and I still receive notifications of new Guestbook Comments. Unfortunately, I can't access to it anymore since it is my first Yahoo! account and Yahoo! deactivated it sometime in April 2005 as well as my first Yahoo! Group "miong21-ONLINE".

During its time, I'm proud to say na isa na yun sa magagandang websites. Flash was developing but I did some nice tricks with JavaScript na similar na din sa effects ng Flash. 'Cos I'm still using Windows 95 back then. I got a new Windows XP computer sometime in June 2003.

Even before, I'm surfing the net via internet cafes (geez, when do I get to have my own internet access?!). I'll render the images and populate the files at home then run to the nearest internet cafe and upload/update the website. Still pretty similiar on what I'm doing right now, only that it's a blogsite this time and not a full-scale website.

It's my passion, more of a hobby. Right now, I don't have enough time to design websites anymore. Stick to blogging muna. Besides, I have very limited resources.

Then came Yahoo! Groups. It was still e-Groups back then. And one of the first groups that I joined was BiPinoyGuys. Its group owner, JohnLX is whom I consider my mentor. He's the reason why I'm here, doing these things, sharing stuffs. That's why I dedicated my first post of this blog to him. It is also the group where I met my first second boyfriend, some friends and got my first M2M videos. Haay, memories nga naman!

I got tired of the website thing in late 2005 due to Yahoo!'s frequent deactivation of my Yahoo! IDs. It's quite tedious to upload several files on Geocities and after some time, it'll just get all deleted. It was then that I stayed on my re-formed Yahoo! Group "miong21_ONLINE". Its peak membership level was 7,000+ and that's where I've met most of my friends and textmates. Of course, shared a lot of stuffs.

(some of the banners for 'miong21 | ONLINE' series of Yahoo! Groups, 2004-2006)

When my second and third reformed Yahoo! Groups ('miong21_ONLINE' & 'miong21online') were deleted weeks apart sometime in November 2006, I decided not to re-group it again and focus here in Blogger. That's why this blog only became active at that time. Posts become more frequent and subscription feeds were featured.

Yep, maybe commentator 'MiongLover' is right. Madami na akong napapasayang etits. Hehe! As much as they made mine happy as well. This blogsite may not be your 'perfect' gay blog on this planet (and I will not attempt to be perfect, huh!), but I know some of you guys are still following my posts and stuffs that I am sharing. For that I am forever grateful.

Parang kahapon lang nung magsimula ako sa kalakarang ito. And I'm still here, doing what I love. Of course, I've always kept my feet on the ground. That's important to me.

Someday pag malaya na ulit ako ang bulsa ko, I'll revive the website as well as the groups. Registered na with my own domain and everything para todohan na to the highest powers! LOLz

Cheers to the years to come! (Just bear with the irregular postings in the mean time.)

PS: As you all may notice, I changed the layout of my blog. Hope you guys liked it!


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