Saturday, October 04, 2008

New banner boy - Daniel Jacob


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Banner boy for the month of October, Daniel Jacob

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The Mutant Chronicles


Agent J & I went to see this one last Wednesday night. Biglaan 'cos medyo late na kami nakarating ng Megamall. We were to watch "Bangkok Dangerous" but were 5 minutes off so we opted to watch this one.

I found the movie kinda stressful on the chest. I think I must not watch movies like these 10 years from now unless I do something about my heart/blood pressure issues.

Anyway, the lead actor is amazingly familiar, Thomas Jane. I looked up his profile and learned he appeared on "Dreamcatcher" which I liked, well a bit. Medyo morbid din yung movie, hehe!

Agent J immediately concluded this movie is a "low-budget" movie. I was actually astonished kasi ok naman 'yung effects. Except for the blood, which I find very fancy. I thought they were simulating a game-feel effect since the movie was based from an RPG with the same name.

The movie is fast-paced though I was a bit saddened John Malkovich has a very short-lived role here. And the character Brother Samuel (played by Ron Perlman) was funny because his other movie "Hellboy 2" was also playing alongside this movie.

When Agent J & I bought the tickets for "Mutant Chronicles", that's the time I remembered we haven't watch "Hellboy 2" yet. Darn! Well, maybe next time. I actually have lost count how many movie nights Agent J and I had.


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