Monday, April 26, 2010

Lea Salonga - Your Song


So effortless! Such a class act indeed!

This is our very own Ms. Lea Salonga guesting at The Wendy Williams Show last March 2010 singing Elton John classic hit "Your Song"

NOTE: I slightly modified the MP3 download to reduce the hiss/clicks and removed the plug towards the end.

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

4 Years


It's been 4 years huh? Woah..

I'd like to thank everyone who have supported this blog since day 1, even way back when I was still active via the Yahoo! Groups (around 2001-2003).

And please accept my apologies for not updating this blog for about 5 months. Those days are over. It's not like I will post religiously everyday. Give me time to adjust again.

The honest to goodness reason why I'm back is due to the fact that some friends over Facebook and through SMS are already asking me to go back blogging. I could say I miss blogging. But the past couple of months was a rollercoaster in terms of work, family & home internet issues. And I had to deal with each and every one of them every step of the way.

Then there's these agents, studios & actual models sending me e-mails to remove this and that. Heck! I don't think sharing these stuffs and me not making a single cent out of them will cost me everything so I decided to back-off a little bit.

The good thing is that my love life is doing great. June & I will be celebrating our 2nd year tomorrow. I have no issues whatsoever, well except for the monthly electric and rent bills, add to that the water & laundry maintenance. Everyday we're like, so what are we gonna cook tomorrow? Whew!

I actually gave myself a time off, that's all. Now I'm back. I may not be the active one as before, but I'll try my best. Liek I said, give me some time. Problem is, my effin' harddrive is not yet fixed! Urghh!!!

I must admit ang dami kong na-miss i-share. Photos, MP3s, videos. Well, there are some blogs out there who's sharing videos anyway so I'll probably skip the videos for good.

Here's hoping to another four years and again, thank you all for your continued support!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Juris - Di Lang Ikaw


Definitely one of the saddest song ever written.

This is taken from Juris' solo debut CD "Now Playing" under Star Records.

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Monday, April 19, 2010

Danny Gokey - I Will Not Say Goodbye


{Note: I originally posted this on my Facebook page last March 10, 2010. And yes, this might be an understatement LOLz}

I was able to sample American Idol Season 8 Finalist Danny Gokey's debut album last Monday and IMO the best CD out of the Top 4 Finalists of that season. I liked at least half of the songs on the CD.

I was surprised he ventured the Country music path but I'm glad his voice suited the genre.

This song is rumored to be the 2nd single from his debut CD "My Best Days". It is one of my fave tracks on the CD, second after "Crazy Not To".

Reading the title of the song and upon hearing it, I knew it was dedicated to his late wife who died weeks prior to his American Idol audition.

Other standout tracks are "Tiny Life" and "It's Only".

Download MP3

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Lyrics here

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Sunday, April 18, 2010

New banner boy - JC Tiuseco


JC Tiuseco is our blog's first banner boy for 2010 and for the Fourth Year Celebration of the blog.

Sexy JC Tiuseco is the first-sole Pinoy Survivor back in 2008.

Photo used courtesy of Penshoppe. Gawd, oh how I love that shirt! LOLz

Am I back blogging? We'll see! Stay tuned! :D


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