Friday, April 18, 2008

David Cook - Always Be My Baby

Strictly not autobiographical...well, slight lang! Haha!

One of my Top 5 all-time Mariah songs! Omigod!

Battle of the two Davids ito sa Finale!

WOW! Mahal ko na rin si David Cook!

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File information (MP3):
/ Filename: David Cook - Always Be My Baby [Studio Version].mp3
/ Size: 5.35MB
/ Bit Rate: 192 kbps
/ Duration: 3:53

File information (video):
/ Filename: David Cook - Always Be My Baby.avi
/ Size: 89.4MB
/ Bit Rate: 1536 kbps
/ Duration: 4:51
/ Screen: 624 x 352 pixels


JCarlos said...

thats fore sure! david vs david. ah eh... la lang... so, hope you could also upload archuleta's when you believe. namiss ko kasi :( salamat ng marami!!!!!

Jamie said...

thank you for the studio version mp3! very much appreciated!


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