Saturday, February 03, 2007

Songs to ID

(updated as of February 4, 2007)

Guys, kindly ID these songs. Baka sakali alam nyo yung song. Kindly supply the song title & artist's name.

Kung given na yung artist name & song title (walang '???'), baka you have a copy of that song in MP3 format. Kindly share naman po!


ID4 = ???You're Better Off With Me???
ID5 = ???I Will See You Soon???
ID6 = Trina - If You Change Your Mind
ID12 = ??? - Wonder Why
ID13 = ???Only For You???
ID15 = ???Have you ever really loved somebody???
ID17 = ??? - Against All Odds (R&B Version)
ID20 = ???Take By Take???

ID1 = Caedmon's Call - Love Alone (c/o sandwitched79)
ID2 = The Valli Girls - Always There In You (c/o sandwitched79)
ID3 = Same Same - Love Isn't (c/o Yahoo! Search)
ID7 = Inner Voices - All My Love (c/o Yahoo! Search)
ID8 = Saliva - Rest In Pieces (c/o Yahoo! Search)
ID9 = Ronan Keating - If I Don't Tell You Now (c/o Yahoo! Search)
ID10 = Willa Ford - Tender (c/o Yahoo! Search)
ID11 = JoJo - Too Little, Too Late (c/o Yahoo! Search)
ID14 = Joe Jackson - Is She Really Going Out With Him? (c/o Yahoo! Search)
ID16 = Sergio Mendes & Kevyn Lettau - Bridges (c/o Yahoo! Search)
ID18 = Case - I'm Missing You (c/o Yahoo! Search)
ID19 = Babyface - With Him (c/o Yahoo! Search)


Anonymous said...

uy. me mp3 po kyo ng trina - if you change your mind? pls psend nman po..

Anonymous said...

ID15 - Have you ever really loved somebody.

Maybe by Jessica Simpson. Meron siya ata sa first album niya.

Anonymous said...

id15 is by jessica simpson. it was part of the first Dawson's Creek Soundtrack.

Dave Montero said...

Guys, did you download the sample? I have Jessica Simpson's debut CD and I am familiar with the bonus cut "Have You Ever Really Loved Somebody". But, thanks anyway.

Unknown said...

Panu ba mag download sa multiply ngayon gusto ko kc ung bridges by sergio mendes please advice


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