Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!!!


Merry Christmas guys!

Would you believe I'm still here at work? Yes! And I'm thankful hindi masyadong mahirap sumakay. I'm still plotted for the same sked which is 9pm to 6am. And uwi rin ako tomorrow after shift.

I don't have enough sleep today. That's what I hate when I go home during the weekends. Nasisira ang body clock ko, bumabalik sa normal, hehe!

So far happy naman ako. And I hope you guys are all ok. Buti pa kayo enjoying the Christmas Eve with your family and friends.

Haaay, ano kaya ang Christmas Buffet dito sa office. Oh, and I'm waiting for the Christmas Eve fireworks here in Eastwood City. Walang fireworks! Leche!


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