Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Amazing Bolt


This is waaay past due, I know.

Yes, June & I went on to see Walt Disney's "Bolt" on Christmas Eve last year, just before MMFF started We watched "Ang Tanging Ina N'yong Lahat" the next day actually.

"Bolt" is one good example of a family oriented movie. Just like "Finding Nemo". I was a bit hesitant to watch it at first to be honest. This is the second time I cried over an animated movie. First was "Ice Age", the part where the mammoth had the flashback for his family being slaughtered by the primitive humans.

I like the fast-paced and adventurous plot of "Bolt". Their funny antics were hilarious. A dog, a cat and a hamster on a roadtrip around the US. It was fun watching the movie. One of the feel-good flicks I’ve seen in a while. Nagrereklamo na nga si June 'cos parati raw suspense or action-thrillers gusto ko. Prior to "Bolt" we went on to watch Keanu Reeves' "The Day The Earth Stood Still".

And I never knew the two lead characters were voiced by John Travolta and Miley Cyrus! Wow! And even the theme song, "I Thought I Lost You" (which I will be posting soon) was awesome. Jenny Lewis' track "Barking At The Moon" was homely.

One thing I liked most at the movie besides the story was the animation. It was very believable, very real. I almost forgot it was an animated movie. The animation is at its best. There were some goofs here and there but overall, it was great. Kudos to Walt Disney Pictures!

Next stop, "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button". After that, "Valkyrie". Then there’s Harry Potter 6, Ice Age 3, Dragon Ball Z… Oh, 2009 should be fun!


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