Friday, October 06, 2006

America's Got Talent - Matther Fuhrman

America's Got Talent - Matther Fuhrman

Shame on Piers for saying the guy could just go to Chippendales. Is he channelling Simon Cowell? (figuratively & literally)

Great upper torso.

Download clip

Video information:
Format: Windows Media Audio/Video
Filesize: 28.9MB
Duration: 1:17
Dimension: 720 x 480

Weekly Top 7 (October 6, 2006)


1. Willa Ford - Tender
2. ^ Erik Santos - Kung Maaalala Mo
3. JoJo - Too Little, Too Late
4. Joey McIntyre - I Love You Came Too Late
5. Kyla - Beautiful Days
6. Jacob - Naghihintay [Acoustic]*
7. Sponge Cola - Gunita*
* full-album link

This is my ID song #10, heard it over Wave 89.1 while at school and looked it up over the net. While I am not familiar to Willa Ford or her music, I am currently looking for an album downlink of her "Willa Was Here."

ERIK SANTOS - Kung Maaalala Mo
Heard this one over Star FM, and yeah I was lucky to download it right away.

JOJO - Too Little, Too Late
Jojo's newest single from her upcoming CD "The High Road".

JOEY MCINTYRE - I Love You Came Too Late
This song is still stuck in my mind. It kept humming on my mind that I decided to copy it to my player. Yaiks!

KYLA - Beautiful Days
The title track from Kyla's newest album. She co-wrote this one and has a very beautiful melody. I even downloaded the video of her performance of this song with Regine Velasquez over YouTube. Nice!

JACOB - Naghihintay [Acoustic]
Finally, the album was released already. I liked this acoustic mix better than the radio version.

This is my fave track from Sponge Cola's newest CD, "Transit". I really prefer them singing in Filipino rather than in English.

Nyoy Volante - Now Hear This...


Nyoy Volante

1. Ha?
2. Nandito Lang (Hanggang Kailan) (featuring Stevens Gonzales)
3. Kundiman
4. You Left Me
5. Mahal Na Mahal
6. Without You
7. Ayoko Na
8. Maghihintay
9. Sobra Sobra
10. Baby Stay
11. Ama Namin

Download CD
[ this link is not my upload ]
CD information:
Format: MP3
Filesize: 39.8MB
Bit Rate: 128kbps

Hale - Twilight



1. Last Song
2. Fire In The Sky
3. Empty Tears, Empty Heart
4. The Ballad Of
5. Waltz
6. Hide And Seek
7. Eyes Wide Shut
8. Liham
9. Shooting Star
10. 7,8
11. Elegy
12. Dahil Sa'yo Sa Himig Ng Aking Gitara
13. Starting Over
14. Brother

Download CD
[ this link is not my upload ]
CD information:
Format: MP3
Filesize: 81.22MB
Bit Rate: 192kbps

"Empty Tears, Empty Heart" is a possible next radio single. It sounds a bit like "The Day You said Goodnight" though.

Erik Santos - Your Love


Erik Santos

1. Your Love
2. Running Away
3. Misty Glass Window
4. Kailanman
5. Parting Time (featuring Kyla)
6. Huwag Na Lang Kaya
7. Next In Line
8. Say You'll Never Go
9. Girl
10. Kisapmata
11. All That I Need
12. Maging Sino Ka Man [Bonus Track]

Download CD
[ this link is not my upload ]
CD information:
Format: MP3
Filesize: 42.95MB
Bit Rate: 128kbps

Commendable tracks (IMHO) are "Your Love," "Parting Time," "Girl," "Maging Sino Ka Man" and "Kailanman".

I'm a newfound fan of Erik Santos because of this album. Di ko kasi pinapansin music nya before. I solemnly swear I'll check out his past albums. LOLz


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