Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Aljur for Black Raw OJ Jeans


Woah! Finally! Aljur Abrenica for Bench

And he has his own billboard along EDSA na!

Woohoo!! Go ALJUR!

Madonna & Lady Gaga on SNL


This is very funny! I love the part where Gaga said "We are pop icons, we're the best!" LOLz

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Geneva Cruz - Pangarap Ka


I'm not really sure if people still remember this hit from Geneva Cruz from her 1990 LP "I Like You" which also includes her signature song "Anak ng Pasig".

I am sharing this song after I got 6 Cycle Mind's "Pangarap" hehe!

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Yakult: Health claim of probiotics not accepted


Drink this yogurt for a healthier stomach. Thirty million shoppers have swallowed the claims for probiotics as enthusiastically as the sweet fermented milk in the belief that "good bacteria" will defeat "bad bacteria" in epic microscopic battles inside our bodies.

But claims that probiotic ingredients improve health can not be supported, according to an extensive review of scientific research by a team of experts from the European Union.

Read the full article here

Ang Laro ng Buhay ni Juan (trailer)


Finally! The trailer for the movie "Ang Laro ng Buhay ni Juan"

Special thanks to Mark!

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