Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Luis Alandy - 40 Forbidden Questions

UPDATE: Audio download links now available!

He answered all 40 questions and is the 3rd person to answer all questions! Others were Lolit Solis and Borgy Manotoc.

It was my first time to listen to this controversial radio show for the first time and it was great!

I am already awake by 5AM (because of barking dogs outside our home) and was ecstatic when Mo Twister announced who's their celeb guest today: LUIS ALANDY! Woohooh!

Download audio recordings:
Part 1 (2.41MB, 10mins 30secs)
Part 2 (7.64MB, 33mins 20secs)
Part 3 (5.85MB, 25mins 32 secs)
Part 4 (8.68MB, 37mins 55secs)


1. What do you honestly hate about showbizness?
Kaplastikan with everybody.

2. Who's your (local) man-crush?
(thinks for a long time) Jericho Rosales for his talent
(Mo Twister says he fancies Bamboo)

3. What's the worst thing you've done to a fan?
I didn't sign to her autograph because it was a passbook, for artist's matter it's illegal.

4. Have you ever cheated on your girlfriend?
Yes, I think with Tin Arnaldo.

5. How far have you gone to check if a girlfriend is cheating on you?
I never check celfones nor e-mails, but the last time was with Desiree (Del Valle) and I asked her friends if they saw her with someone in this bar.

6. Have you ever lied on a tsismis show regarding an issue about you?
Nah, I always tell the truth.

7. What's the better TV station, ABS-CBN or GMA-7?
Watching more, ABS-CBN though I started in GMA. ABS is the better TV station in terms of shows but GMA's the better station in terms of how they treat their talents.

8. Take 5 from Barako Boys including yourself and you fought with the guys from The Hunks, who would win in a big riot?
I think we'd win, but Carlos will be hardest to beat down.

9. How old were you when you lost your virginity?
14, I was turning 15 then and it was a birthday gift.

10. I'm gonna name five names and give me the corresponding animal you think of and why:
Alessandra de Rossi - Lioness, she tends to be so loud but how she commands everybody, she's brave.
Desiree Del Valle - Bird, she's just the sweetest thing
Roxanne Barcelo - Hyena
Andy9 - Fox
Mojo Jojo - Crocodile, I think he's dangerous

11. Have you ever been offered money or favor by a DOW or a gaydude? How much?
Yeah, I was offered a year ago. He's a gay guy, a manager of some sorts. I knew him before from talent center and he told me that a friend of his wants to meet me and he's gay and he's gonna pay me around P200,000 and then he told me we're going to a hotel, I told him, "What kind of guy do you think I am?"

12. Give me one bad encounter with a local celebrity?
Personally I haven't had any bad encounters with any stars but it's with my sister-in-law and my niece. A tito of mine works in ABS-CBN, he brought my sister-in-law and my niece to this show. When it was break time, my sister-in-law and my niece wanted to have a picture with this "star", they were starstruck and it took long for them to open the camera. The "star" said to my niece, "Parang ang tagal-tagal nyo, itutulak ko kayo!"
(A caller and the DJs guessed it right: Kris Aquino)

13. Who's the better kisser, Desiree del Valle or Polo Ravales?

Who's the better kisser: Polo Ravales, Christian Vasquez or Paolo Paraiso?
Maybe Christian Vasquez. 'Cause it was the first time I ever had a kissing scene with a guy (Penis Talks). It was a French kiss without tongue.
(Mo Twister on homophobic alert, Mojo loved it)

14. Which celeb has the worst B.O.?
The thing is I don't hang out with celebrities much though. I can name him 'cause he's a good friend, I think Paolo Paraiso 'cause he smokes a lot.

15. Who is showbiz' worst dresser?
I think, used to be Carlos Agassi. The orange sleeveless yellow pants he used to wear to.

(a caller drops the S*bomb)

16. Have you almost had a fistfight with a local celebrity?
I think it was with Carlos Agassi during the shoot for "Sa Dulo Ng Walan Hanggan". He grabbed me in the back and threw me into a table which was not in the script. It was a fight scene, adobo was on the table and it spilled on me and on Claudine's clothes. She got mad as well.


17. Who are the worst actors in local showbizness?
Actor - Gerald Anderson
Actress - Sandara Park

18. Most plastic person in showbiz?
Jobert Sucaldito & Kris Aquino (at times)

19. Fill in the blanks: Andy9 needs to stop doing _____ and starts doing ______:
Stop being snobbish and start going to work.

20. What's the worst billboard ad in EDSA?
I forgot the clothing brand, it has Iwa Moto & Danilo Barrios. Somewhere in the north.

22. Which celebrity couple do you think will not last?
I do not follow much but I think what Erik Santos & Ruffa Mae Quintos.

23. Which female celeb could admit she had plastic surgery?
I think Angelika dela Cruz, with her chin.

24. "Dude, we all know you're gay admit it!" Who are you gonna say it to?
Uma from PBB. And Paolo Ballesteros. (Luis Alandy, Mo Twister & Andy9 defended Piolo's not gay)

26. Have you ever pleasured yourself on Andy9?

27. Have you ever slept with a fan?

28. Which local celebrity you dislike working with?
I've worked with him before sa stage play Jay Manalo. He's a very good actor but he has this attitude that pissed me off.

29. Who's better in bed, Roxanne Barcelo or Alessandra De Rossi? (this question was asked after 6 minutes)
I never slept with Roxanne.

Give 3 celebs you have slept with?
Desiree Del Valle
Tin Arnaldo
Kat Alano (Wowowee girl)

30. DARE: Kiss Mojo Jojo on the lips!
(Luis Alandy did it in minutes everyone in the booth screamed. Mojo Jojo is one lucky person!)

33. Where's the craziest place you've ever done it?
Laundry area.

34. Which showbiz do you hate?
Joey Diego.

35. How big is your 'wang'?
6 and a half

36. (Mo Twister read the 6th message on Luis' celfone)

37. Have you tried any illegal drugs?
Yep, marijuana.

38. What is the worst local television show?
Pinoy Dream Academy

39. Is there a Luis Alandy sex tape or nude self-pics out there?
Nope, none.

40. When was the last time you viewed pornographic material?
3 weeks ago.


Anonymous said...

thanks for recording the show...
di ko lam kung anong station yun kasi and what time usually it airs eh..

i like controversies ^^

Anonymous said...

hey! did you record the audio yourself?

Anonymous said...

hahha... walang takOt, dUde..

Anonymous said...

laki ng pwet ka ka darn darn... but my wife really loves it...ihahhhhhhhhh


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