Wednesday, November 19, 2008

EK on the 27th

We will be having our Year-End Site GA (General Assembly) at the Enchanted Kingdom on November 27, I'm so excited! (Sinabay sa Thanksgiving Day sa US so no calls! Yipee!)

2 reasons, first is it will be my first time (yes!) to go there. When I previously worked at the Laguna Technopark for a seatbelt and airbag manufacturer, araw-araw ko syang nadadaaan with the company bus to work. I dunno, maybe I was fed up with "Boom Na Boom" and "Star City" when I was a kid so I never really paid attention to Enchanted Kingdom.

Wow! Buong site ng Shaw, I am not sure with the other sites in Libis, PBCom and Alabang if they'll be coming in as well.

This will be fun! But of course, I must prepare those sun tan lotion and shades!

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Anonymous said...

e u working in etel libis?


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