Sunday, September 23, 2007

First week in Rosario

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It was a blast. Yep, 14 pesos transo balikan na from 110.50 pesos if I'm coming from Alabang. Yun nga lang, I really have to buy everything for myself. Sa house, my mom cooks for me. Waahh!

First night ko sa Rosario, I already pressed my clothes. it was hard 'cos wala pa kaming iron board. Hmm..

Sa food, ok naman. Accessible sa wet market, marami ring carinderia and mura pa. One meal ko 32 pesos lang, 2 rice servings na yun.

My hub's a little worried. Check ko daw maigi kung malinis yung kinakainan ko.

Sleeping time? Bawing-bawi naman. Back when I was in Muntinlupa, I have to get up by 5pm, leave the house at 7pm and will arrive in Eastwood around past 9pm for my 10pm shift. But now, I could wake up around 8pm, take a quick bath and leave the apartment around 8:45pm. I'll arrive at Eastwood around 9:15pm. Ang saya di ba?! Hehe!

Pauwi ganun din! Pag Alabang, labas ko 7am makakauwi ako nun past 9am na, sometimes 10am pa pag mega-antay ang bus sa StarMall Shaw at SM Makati. But in Rosario, 7:45am nasa apartment na ako. Around 8:30 burlogs na ako. LOLz

Though I must admit, malungkot ang first few days. I miss my bed, my mom and of course my computer. Hehe!

I still haven't got the chance to stroll around Rosario. Medyo nag-aadjust pa rin ako. I hate the fact na I have to walk up through the overpass just to get to Alfonso Supermarket and the laundry shop. Hassle.

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Anonymous said...

Super Savings ka na nyang Dave! :P


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