Saturday, September 22, 2007

Longest Call...Yet!

Haayy! Longest call ko so far...3 hours and 24 minutes! Kamusta!?

It was an installation issue, 'unrecoverable error' and 'installation interrupted'. Nanganak na ng nanganak ang errors, amputsa!

Imposible naman ang Remote Assist kasi installation requires computer restart and madi-disconnect din kami. Haay!

Callback din siya after that 3-hour call and another callback ulit on Monday pag di pa nayari on Friday. Kasi naman ang dami-dami niya kasing files sa computer nya ano?!

Buti na lang patient customer siya.

So far wala pa naman akong nae-encounter na super-irate customer to the point na minumura na niya ako.

Sa customer surveys, I already received one. 100% lahat on Agent Cared, Issue Resolution and Customer Satisfaction. It's a good start!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

add dat to ur work experience - lessons in office!


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