Saturday, September 29, 2007

Rainy Day in Cubao

I hate rainy days. It spoils everything.

Since my birth month coincides with the rainy season, taun-taon na lang talaga. Like last year, one of my saddest birthdays, super typhoon 'Milenyo' hit Manila.

Napurnada ang Malate at Tagaytay! Bagsak namin sa Cubao/Gateway. We stroll along Ali Mall (teritoryo ko na rin ang Cubao, hehe!) to buy myself a new polo sleeves. Then my hubby & I dine in at Oyster Boy. I suggested to watch a movie after but walang maganda kasi. Then, deretso na to you-know-where. LOLz

We had our breakfast na sa McDo-Ayala MRT around 8 in the morning on my actual birthday. At, umuulan pa rin talaga. Then headed south na, him to Sucat, me to my good ol' home in Muntinlupa.

It was a blast! There's really no dull moment with him. We had a perfect night despite the rains.


PsychoMp3 said...

Ok lang yan at least laging memorable birthday mu, hehehe.

Anonymous said...

We have d same birth month, and indeed it always rain on m bday! blessing daw yan dave! Ok yan new found hubby mo :)

digiputz said...

Masarap sa Oyster Boy db? We tried the Rockafeller Oysters. Nakaka-addict talaga. Hmmm... parang appropriate yun ang kinain niyo hehehe.

Belated po!


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