Friday, April 06, 2012

David Archuleta - Tell Me

Waaahhh!!! I cried on this! What a heartfelt rendition!

The emotion is there! And I love the arrangement.

There is really something in David's pierces me straight to the heart.

I wish there's a little push on the last "good-bye" towards the end like he's about to breakdown or something, but that's just me.

Well, I know the picture above is from his "Wait" music video but David is always smiling so I actually had a hard time searching for a serious/sad David Archuleta face that will match the song.

Geez I am still teary-eyed..

This is still from his all-OPM album "Forevermore"

YouTube URL (via ArchieBR)


Jc Araneta said...

hey! do you know where i can download the whole album? thanks

Jc Araneta said...

hey, do you know where i could download this album? let me know. thanks man!


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