Monday, March 11, 2013

Johnron Tañada in 'Ang Misis ni Meyor'

Johnron Tañada in 'Ang Misis ni Meyor'

Showing March 17

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MBogs said...

May love scene si Johnron Tanada at Marco Morales sa Ang Misis ni Meyor!

Nananaginip ba ko? Kakayanin kaya natin pag pinanood natin silang 2 magtalik nang napakatindi -- pareho silang wild makipag-m2m-lovescene base sa past movies nila! Pareho gym-buff at kapwa may malusog na alaga! Sa love scene, pareho silang kinikiskis ung mga et*ts nila sa partner nila, tapos labas-dila pa makipaghalikan! Paano pa kaya kung pinagsama mo sila?! Here's an article about Marco:

"he (Marco) took on another demanding part in Archie del Mundo’s “Ang Misis ni Meyor” where he plays a closeted politician.
Although the gay role requires him to engage in a STEAMY LOVE SCENE WITH FELLOW HUNK Johnron Tañada, Morales insisted that this indie drama will push him to stretch his acting muscles for a change... His role..entailed physical working out regularly."


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