Friday, February 15, 2013

Sebastian Castro - Bubbles

Of course I saw this 2 days ago, I just decided to post this today since the past few days are all loaded. All posts on this blog are drafted during weekends (my off from work) and 'scheduled' throughout the following week.

It's amazing meron nang ganito sa Pinas that's sexy, funny, classy and gay at the same time! Definitely going to my phone!

Hey, I didn't know he's openly gay. And I heard he's not Filipino pala. So there.

You can view my previous post on him here and here.

Watch the sexy music video:

YouTube URL


Mac Callister said...

grabe lang sa kaguwapuhan! on one of his video i heard him speak some tagalog words.

Ryu Ronquillo said...

yup he's not Pinoy. he's Peruvian-Japanese descent. but all twinky sexy! nad may ganyan sa Pinas. hehe kasi he looks a bit like model Mark Agas.

Doraemon Amalayer said...

Napanood ko siya sa Moms kasama si Hero angele. Yiie. ang gwapo. kamukha ni paulo avelino pero i never thought he's gay.

Doraemon Amalayer said...

napanood ko siya sa mars kahapon.grabe ang gwapo, kamukha ni paulo avelino. i never thought he's gay


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