Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Slumber Party: The Ultimate Gayness That Is

I saw the film's official poster last week and it was really cute! (Ang lola mo may tiara talaga oh?!) I knew what's coming and when the official trailer came out, my jaws locked. It is with an amazement to see Archie & Markki transform to the unimaginable gayness on screen to the point whether you'll love them or hate them! LOL

Fantasy or reality, sleepovers should be fun!

SLUMBER PARTY opens tomorrow, November 28 in Robinson's Galleria and November 29 in Shang-ri La Mall

Starring Archie Alemania, RK Bagatsing, Sef Cayadona & Markki Stroem

Directed By Emmanuel Dela Cruz

For more info and photos, like their Facebook Page

Watch the movie trailer:

YouTube URL

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