Friday, November 23, 2012

Christina Aguilera - Sing For Me

I was able to sample Christina Aguilera's new album 2 weeks ago and I must admit, "Your Body" and this one were the only ones that I really liked and will go to my music playlist.

I was expecting so much on this new 'Lotus' CD but I guess her music nowadays is not the same music that I liked (and loved) before.

Listen to the song:

YouTube URL


Aaron Arguelles said...

Most songs on the album are growers. I thought it was a bad album at first. But I went on to like half of the album upon several listens. Lotus intro, Army of Me, Let There Be Love, Blank Page, Just a Fool along with Your Body and Sing for Me are my favorite. They all scream potential hits.

jzzafe said...

Really? You didn't like Blank Page and Just a fool? I think Lotus is more palatable than Bionic and more relatable than B2B

Give it another round of listen =)


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