Thursday, November 29, 2012

Acting Human Lessons - Breaking Dawn 2

I went on to see Breaking Dawn Part 2 last Saturday night with my boyfriend. It was a bit late to see it having opened a week prior. For some reasons, I did not feel any excitement to see it.

But due to overwhelming reactions and feedback that I read, I finally decided na "sige na nga, panuorin na nga natin!"

The movie was amazing and is the best Twilight movie ever! (Well, since it's the last, it should be the best!) For someone who haven't read any of the books, I actually enjoyed and loved the movie, especially the fight scenes and the ending cast tribute credits part with matching Christina Perri's haunting song "A Thousand Years".

And this scene, the Cullens teaching Bella how to act human again is the funniest part for me! It was like they were teaching her how to "act"? LOL

Kidding aside, if given a chance, yeah I would want to watch it again (with or without Taylor Lautner's stripping scene)

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