Saturday, September 01, 2012

Taiwanese actors kiss

Aayyy!!! Anung meron? LOL

As per Google Translator, these two Taiwanese actors "promised to kiss if their show gets viewership"

Wow! Sana meron ding ganitong gimmick locally! Kahit inter-TV station pa! Ahahaha!!

Now I am not familiar with Asian TV actors, again as per Google Translator, the names of these two kissing lovebirds are Sheng Hao and Yu-Sheng. I'm actually not sure.

If the other guy got a hardon, alam na!!!

Anyway, uso ba sa Taiwan ang bitin ang pantalon? LOL

Watch the video:

YouTube URL


shaolanli FR said...

Really Hot !
The actors are James Wen (Wen Sheng Hao) and Chris Wang (Wang You Sheng) for the movie "The Fierce Wife Final Episode". I found the english title on the facebook page of the film.
Now i want to see it !

ethan h said...

A hard on indeed.

Hot hot hot!


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