Monday, August 13, 2012

Julie Anne San Jose Album Sampler

Aaarggghh!!! Julie Ann San Jose's album sampler is finally here! Woohoo!

I have 2 questions though: Bakit isa lang ang Tagalog song? And bakit hindi pa isinama ung mga telenovela songs nya plus "Bakit Ba Ganyan"? Gawin nang double-disc ito!!! LOL

My Initial Top 5 Picks (in order):
"I'll Be There"
"MSB (My Sweet Boy)"
"When You Said Goodbye"
"Bakit Ngayon"
"Let Me Be The One" (Jimmy Bondoc cover)

After listening to the album sampler all-day Sunday, "Glad It's Over" and "Hold On" were growing on me as well.

I'm impressed! Magaganda ang songs. Can't wait to get my copy this weekend, finally after light years of waiting!

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