Wednesday, June 20, 2012

'Adam's Apple' opens today


Starring Jay Enriquez, Iman Rivera and Rei-jan Reinoso
Directed by Han Salazar
Produced by Silverline Multimedia Inc.

Movie Trailer:

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anonymous said...

It was published in the Manila Bulletin that Adam's Apple was supposed to be shown today June 20, 2012 at Cinema 10 of Robinson's but as of now it is still on hiatus, but definitely in within June 27-July 2012.

We are sorry to those who have gone out of their way to watch Adam's Apple and wasted their time and effort.

The MTRCB issued an X-rating last June 13,2012 on the movie because they cited that the character Kiko is a minor and cannot have sex scenes citing RA 9775 or the Anti Child Pornography Law of 2009.

We have finished editing the scenes pertaining or referring to the age of Kiko and we have established that Kiko is an adult, thru reshooting and editing. We have finished editing the movie yesterday June 19, 2012.

But the the MTRCB has yet to rate the movie again, rest assured Adam's Apple will be shown in the following days.

Silverline has replaced Adam's Apple with Hubo starring Lance Lopez and will be shown on June 21-26.

We are sorry for the confusion, but rest assured that we just want to give a decent movie for people to watch.

Jay Enriquez. :p

anonymous said...

Please watch Jay Enriquez's first theater project. Thanks.


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