Sunday, April 01, 2012

David Archuleta - Hold On

This is indescribable! It's like he was born to sing OPM songs...

The arrangement on this song is awesome! Loved the part towards the end...heck this is even better that Shamrock's! LOL

From David Archuleta's OPM CD "Forevermore"

YouTube URL (via ArchieBR)


Noel Satera said...

Hello Sir Miong.. Kumusta? Ad mo naman blog koh sa friends list mo..hehehe. Happy Palm Sunday! I already added your blog on my list...
I know your the Original Pinoy Master Blogger, its a pleasure to trade links with you.. I love you Idol!!

hugs and torrid kisses,

By the way my blog is

Miong21 said...

Hi Noel! Added you up. Thanks for the support! :)


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