Wednesday, April 25, 2012

6th Birthday

I was so busy at work that I forgot it's been 6 years since I started this blogging thing.

The very first post was April 3, 2006. And 4 years before that, I had my own Yahoo! Groups (it was eGroups then) to share stuff. I even have my old website back then, the miong21 | ONLINE which thankfully has been archived (Yahoo! Geocities closed down about 3 years ago).

But the group was deleted twice, really pissed me off so I was forced to use Blogger instead. Those with me back then knew this story very well.

With all the blog hiatus including my X-rated blog (link NSFW), I still keep coming back here. Wala naman akong kinikita sa pagba-blog! I still find ways to somehow share stuff that I like.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the blog subscribers and Twitter followers for your continued support on my blog.



Mac Callister said...

happy anniversary! tagal ko na din pinafollow tong blog na to! congrats!

Mr. Geo said...

I am an avid follower.
Congratulations on your 6th birthday, Miong21.

Yours truly,

Lasherations said...

Happy Burpday, BLOG!


Good job MIONG!

Miong21 said...

Thank you guys! I was expecting just a comment or 2, but 3 is great! Salamat ng marami! :)


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