Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Magnum Global Index

I actually thought the price was just right.

Or it should actually be PhP 58.34? Regular stores sell Magnum Ice Cream SRP of PhP 50. 7-11, MiniStop and similar convenience stores have them for PhP 55. And finally, we have the gasoline station convenience stores and they sell them for an overwhelming PhP 65!

Eh kung dalawa kami ng asawa ko, 130 pesos? I'd rather buy the Selecta ice cream tub for PhP 160.

Out of the three flavors, I like Almond the best. I was finally able to see Chocolate Truffle yesterday and was a bit disappointed, maybe I expected too much.

I wish that White Chocolate will soon be available here in the Philippines.

(image via myManila)

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