Wednesday, January 04, 2012

2012 Philippine Storm Names

The southern part of the country was hit by 'Sendong' recently. PAG-ASA released a list of storm names for this new year 2012.

Mejo star-studded ang 2012. We have 'Cosme', 'Enteng', 'Nina', 'Karen', 'Helen', 'Yoyong' and of course, 'UNDING'! LOL

Ambo Frank Karen Pablo Unding
Butchoy Gener Lawin Quinta Violeta
Cosme Helen Marce Rolly Winnie
Dindo Igme Nina Siony Yoyong
Enteng Julian Ofel Tonyo Zosimo

In the event that there are more than 25 storms (naku, wag naman po sana!), these auxiliary storm names will be used:

Alakdan Clara Estong Gardo Ismael
Baldo Dencio Felipe Heling Julio

Source: PAG-ASA

1 comment:

arrielle said...

Nice storm names. It makes me smile too.

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