Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Rick & Steve - The Happiest Gay Couple

This was sent to me via e-mail. I never knew Q. Allan Brocka has a TV series, and the best part it is a LEGO-style on the LOGO network! Wow!

The couple here reminds me of the comic strip "A Couple of Gay Guys" though.

I wish there are DVD copies available here kahit original, bibilhin ko hehe! Maybe I'll add it to my 2009 Wishlist na lang LOLz

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jason said...

All the episodes of the 1st season used to be on YouTube... try to look 'em up. I've seen 'em and they're hell'a funny. =D
It's currently on its 2nd season...

Eternal Lover said...

i love the second season kasi nakatuwa, laking part talaga pinapakita ung pinoys, kalokohan..season 2 is also finished..


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