Thursday, September 18, 2008

Breaking The Surface - The Greg Louganis Story

I was very fortunate to download this video last August because I was looking for a copy for a long time already.

This is Greg Louganis' made-for-TV movie and stars Mario Lopez.

I think I first saw it on a TV broadcast a few years back and my mom would care less me watching it. Most probably because she has no idea who Greg Louganis is, but I do.

He once had an affair with E! Reporter Steve Kmetko.

There's only one movie left that I want to get, well at least before the year ends, and that is "Jeffrey" also an AIDS-gay theme movie. I've read the book and it almost tore me apart.

Greg Louganis is one of the few gay people that I admire.

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Anonymous said...

ah yes, greg louganis, i wacthed for many olympics. not only he was a great athlete, he was also a great sportsman. he was a picture of perfection and zen in and out of the pool.

Anonymous said...

have you seen Love of Siam? It's a great movie!


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