Monday, June 23, 2008

Jennifer Barrientos on Miss Universe 2008

Loved the main profile pic, mala-Angelina Jolie.

Didn't like the hairdo on the evening gown though. Napaka-lousy.

Hope all the best for this year! It's been years already.

35-year title drought, 9 years as a semi-finalist. Every year for the past 4 years as Miss Photogenic! Bwahahaha!

Go Jen!


snowtempest said...

another "lucita soriano" for sure and the only reason the country wins ms.photogenic is bec.of the internet voting which translates to the filipinos having no life and keeps on voting(how embarassing).

Aaron said...

Kelan ba papalabas yang Miss Universe na yan at sang channel?

dude said...

Live telecast sa ABS-CBN Channel 2.July 13,2008...LIVE from Vietnam

aylmer said...

did you know that the most number of miss photogenic title (in the history of miss universe) is the philippines? long before the intenet voting..
our filipinas were the most sought after ladies in the WORLD be in the middle east or in the west..they are known for their NATURAL BEAUTY, poise and MOST ESPECIALLY their character..

snowtempest said...

..lmao...yeah most sought after..but i digrress,during the japs occupation they were running away from the japs...then in present time they're all flocking to japan to be,ehr,well...yeah you are so friggin' right dude...

mmoyal1980 said...

beauty pageants are so waste of time and does nothing for poor countries like the phils.


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