Friday, June 20, 2008

'Daybreak' out now on VCD & DVD

Got my copy yesterday! And ang cute ng 'Alternate Ending', haha!

There's also a bonus DVD mini-booklet included. Must buy for the fans of the 'Daybreak' movie!

DVDs are priced at PhP350 (US$7.89) while VCDs are at PhP250. Available for now in Metro Manila, I think.

Go out and buy your original copy now!


JOSH said...

hey gus2 ko bumili nyan dvd!!! also yung sikil kung may dvd na. HOPE i have xtra cash to buy these pagdating sweldo, heheh.

DAVE!!! sama mo c agent J pati na rin c fren natin. NUod tayo premiere KAMBYO sa JULY 5, 2008, sat, 7 pm. sa UP Adarna Cinema. staring ang aking favorite na c Johnron T. (haayyy)... may frontal daw, ehehehe

dale secret said...

hi dave.
pashare naman kahit yung alternate ending lang... please please please
thanks a lot... mwah

Anonymous me said...

The movie sucks! From the director to script. A fucking waste of time and reel. An hour of blahhhhh.... not unless if you're into soft porn!!!! This film could have been told in 15 fucking minutes or LESS! There's no substance at all.


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