Friday, May 30, 2008

Nokia 6500 slide

Nokia 6500 slide

I am so in love with this phone I don't know why...

I have been fantasizing for this phone since March. Although it came out last quarter of 2007, I won't care.

I also dig the 6500 classic but I'm a bit worried it's so slim, it might break or something.

I plan to buy a low-end Nokia phone next week for my Globe/Sun line, and buy this Nokia 6500 slide by June.

Waaaahhh... I like this phone, I really do. It's just that there's this thought if this will be worth it. For PhP14,000? Geezz...most of my bonus from work will be spent on this..

Guys, if you know someplace where I can buy this phone at a cheaper price (complete and legal packaging) please let me know.

Or if you already have this phone, kindly share your concerns regarding the said Nokia unit, good or bad. Thanks!


dude said...

Geez,we've the same taste of having a 6500 slide celfone.for me this is a smart & best choice considering of it's very cool won't experience the hangs or shutdown coz this fone is using S40 interface unlike the problems of most N series celfones w/c has S60.well that was just a personal observation & experiences from my friends using N series cell...i've been to greenhills last week,prices there of 6500 slide ranges from 12,800-13,500,that's from major stalls at virra mall & not from tiangge.try checking it out!Good day!

Aaron said...

I suggest you better buy the N95 when the price drops down a little bit. Most importantly, it has wifi. And the 5MP stills camera and DVD-like video recording are so worth it!


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