Tuesday, April 08, 2008


ALMULA stands for Alabang Muntinlupa Laguna

Cool coat of arms eh?

Actually, Almula has been around for more than a year na. They will be celebrating BED's fifth year party as well on Thursday. Unfortunately, I may not be able to attend that as much as I'd like to because my work schedule this week (or perhaps the entire month) is 1AM ~ 10AM. The worst schedule in the history of call centers! Actually, the 2AM-11AM is much worse! Pero exagge na kasi yun. I doubt our company still put agents on that sked bracket.

But I digress yet again! (Bad Miong! Bad! )

Anyway, I was able to attend a get-together (finally!) with the Almula clan (eh? Warcraft?) last Sunday night with anime0210 around 9pm. We babymigs (whom I am quite familiar to with his posts on the official Almula G4M Forum thread) at Jollibee-Madrigal to have a quick dinner. Later we head to the Starbucks-Madrigal to meet the rest of the gang.

Mama Chogie was there whom I already met a year ago. There were about 10-15 of them already there and the number grew as time passed. There were some familiar faces like KiX, DrHannibal, neilj and of course babymigs.

The others I am very familiar and was expecting to, but wasn't there were NAOKI1, dax_4_u, killermec, PrimeNumber, hornn and of course my former banner boy, GYMINSTRUCTR.

There were some who mentioned this blog. Said that they are regular visitors, and oh I'm so flattered. Parang gusto kong kainin ako ng lupa. Hehe! But thanks guys! Especially neilj, babymigs and Vaughn! Thanks for the support!

Visit the Almula G4M page here.

Hopefully, I will be added on the roster list images soon. (ATTN: Mama Chogie! Hehe! )


Anonymous said...

hey dave,
what a coincidence. Im from Muntinlupa, too. This is the first time I am entering or maybe writin some comments on one's blog. Like your story....that much...it had somewhat reflected mine, too. Though I, am and did not pursue past loves.....Im not out.....by the way Im working here in Italy....ciao!!!!
If u read this please answer...salamat po

RJ Morada said...

miong ako rin avid reader ng blogs mo
:) - lockjaw


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