Monday, November 19, 2007

Paalam, Lola Ester

My Lola Ester passed away this morning around 7:35am. I was about to visit her pa for the 10AM~11AM visiting hours sa Ospital Ng Muntinlupa when my cousin sent a text message with the sad news around 8am. I was getting prepared na nga.

Lola even went out with me hanggang sakayan the last time I went home sa Munti (Oct. 29). I never realized that'll be the last time I'll be with her.

She was in coma for four days. Di ko na ikukwento ang hirap na dinanas niya sa hospital. Alam nyo naman kapag public hospital, you really can't expect much from them, can you?

Lola was the one who brought me up, since ipanganak ako anjan na siya sa tabi ko. Hence, Lola's boy ako.

I really can't say I'm the best grandson for her, but I've tried my best to return at least the love she shared with me since I was born. Di naman mawawala issues around the family. But I'm grateful kahit papano, she's at peace. Wala na siyang alalahanin pa. With that, she's very lucky she's with our Lord na.

I'd also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who texted me their condolonces, your prayers are much appreciated.

I will miss you Lola!


Unknown said...

again, my condolence and ipinagpray ko na rin ang iyong grandma ester.

Just want to share:
"the art of losing isnt hard to master; so many things seem filled with the intent to be loss that their loss is no disaster."

Anonymous said...

hello buddy, condolence ulit. Esther, biblical ang dating, fit for a Queen. Eternal rest grant unto her o Lord....

Dave Montero said...

Thanks Josh & Richard!


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