Monday, November 05, 2007


Blogger Josh & I finally met last Saturday. It was fun. We had lunch at Tokyo Tokyo Megamall then went online at Netopia for a couple of hours. Then dinner naman sa Max's around 6pm. I had a great time really!

The reason for the 'eyeball' was because he's going to lend me some of his DVDs and VCDs which I am forever grateful since it will be a great contribution to my blog.

Plus I was able to buy a copy of the "Cruise: The Provocative Tour" magazine! YAY! I wasn't able to watch the said tour last September and I've scouted every magazine store in Cubao & Alabang to no avail. Dito lang pala ako sa Megamall makakabili! Hehe!

Movies like Talong, Laro Sa Baga, Patikim, Gigil and Moreno. Plus now that he lent me the DVD versions of M2M Masahe and Hubad, I may now be able to post the bonus footages of those videos!

So guys, let's all hug Josh! Haha!

(start of call center agent mode) But just to set your expectations, the said series of video posting may run for a couple of months since I am only at the house during weekends so expect blog updates only on either Sundays or Mondays, would that be ok? (end of call center agent mode)


Cheers to Josh! The sweetest blogger there is! Nakaka-adik tawa mo dude! Hehe!

Hope to see you again soon ok?!


Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHA! lol! Dave, naunahan mo ko sa pag blog about the EB,hehehe. Yup, hope to c u soon! I really miss ur company esp about PLUs and becky's hehehe! Kwen2han mo pa ko ha!(censored... pota...beep, beep) Till the next _EB, hehehe! mwa and tc! hehehe (Ac2lly i cant stop laughing ryt now!) hehehe

Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm glad there was a blogger-to-blogger real time communication going on. I wish I could have a big party and invite you all. HaHa. Too bad I'm just a typical guy and can't afford to realize this dream ... for now. HaHaHa.

Mark Xander said...

Oh my god.. sound like fun. :) Hi Dave and Josh! :)

itot54joni said...

visit my blog.

vanilaguy said...

just to set your expectation, thank you for THAT information... typical filipino english. can't we just say what the customer would expect instead of segueing to it? can't we thank for THE information or better yet, just say thank you. just thinking aloud. offense may be taken but listen to my point first.

IckyG said...

Don't bother with Moreno. Pangit 'yan. Promise!


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