Saturday, November 24, 2007


Finally! Gumraduate na rin sa Phase 3! Whoa! I am so happy! Yipee!!

Halos hindi na rin kami nag-calls kasi last day na naman and besides, weekend so usually mahaba ang avail time. Would you believe nag-peak ang avail time kahapon at 38 minutes? YAY!

First call ko pa around 1:30am eh Pinoy from Florida. Nakaka-ilang pala pag mag-Tagalog sa phone. Haha! He's the one who initiated it naman so okay lang.

But it was fun indeed kasi napapatingin lahat ng agents na dumadaan. Nasa-aisle kasi ako naka-puwesto (xempre para kita lahat ang cute na dadaan hehe!)

Total sales ko was $2,096 (pasok sa target na $1,500). Actually, mas mataas ang figure sa TL ko, I don't know where she got that $2,297 figure. My figure is not that high since our topnotcher got $6,000++! Bangis nga eh.

My SPC (Sales Per Call) was $72 from the individual target of $30. Yehey!

I was able to make a sale even though I am going through Lola's depart. Maybe she asked the Heavens to bless me with those sales. Kahit umabsent ako ng 2 days from training (first night ng lamay and libing mismo), she guided me throughout the week and made it sure na papasa pa rin ako sa critical final week ng Phase 3 training.

Thank you Lola and I miss you! Waahhh!!!

What's in it for me next week? This is it! Our final destination. Pure tech support combined with sales churva. Nyay!

Finally, after 4 months tapos na rin training namin. Parang kailan lang, I'm blogging about my job hunting, my pre-training ek-eks, the boarding house fiasco, and then eto na. Haayy!!

It all comes down to one thing, oh three things actually:

Maturity, and

PS: BTW, I'm back in Libis. Nyargh! At least makikita ko ulet sina Marky (of 7-11) and Rhed (of KFC) Hahaha!!


Anonymous said...

congrats 2 u agen DAve! very supportive c lola (Sumalangit nawa...) and dalhin mo naman ako k 7-11 at KFC, hehehe! :)

chiccoski said...

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Anonymous said...

Im guessing you work in a call center?whats it like? does it pay well? do you earn commisions?thanks in advance.


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