Friday, June 22, 2007

Socket 423

This was my wildest guess on our icebreaker last night at my TechTraining Program. It was the last question of the game already. I was almost, almost going to answer Socket A na but I remembered it's for AMD computers so I changed my answer on the last second of the countdown and wrote 423.

Each group of three started with 1,500 credits each. Around the first half of the round, nangulelat talaga group ko. The two other groups have doubled, almost tripled their initial credit figures, tapos kami nag-900 pa!

Eventually, nakabawi din kami. And the prize was a 3-piece Samba Chocolate Candy for each member. And I love chocolates!

It's actually 2:45am here and I'm still at the internet cafe researching for my group's last project. Dapat group effort itu pero ako na lang ang gumawa dahil they're all so stupid and lazy to make an effort and to think it's our last day of training plus Final Exams pa. Haay...

Nga pala, my 5-day training was set at 1pm to 10pm. It was fun, not because we had a great and fabulous trainer (hi MJ!! hehe!), but because of Agent Yap. Siempre! Haha! (Miong, ayan ka na naman ha!?)

His real first name denotes of the same famous Pinoy basketball player with the given surname above, but he has a resemblance to Jericho Rosales. Ergo, quite a handful of girls are always around him. Anong laban ko dun di ba? Nothing to do but watch him through the window pane. Tissue nga?! LOLz

For our group projects, we were divided into 3. I was happy to have him as a group member. When it was Group 1's turn to do the icebreaker last night, we were randomly grouped again into 3 (regardless of the earlier groupings). And guess what?! Agent Yap and I were groupmates again! Coincidence? Or was it just me?

When I wildly guessed the correct answer on that last question (I'm not that really good in computer hardware stuffs) and made our group the winner, he shook my hands twice. I thought I'd never wash my hands ever again. LOLz

Anyway, I think I did pretty well so far with this training and I'm really looking forward to the job. I'm excited about it. It's just that, sometimes it nice to know there is someone around there who can make you smile, another reason to be on time just to see him, hence, making the ride worthwhile and extra memorable. Got it?

For the record, I think he's straight. If he is, then he's just one of the very FEW straight guys who took my breath away.

Anyway, I do not think we'll be assigned together on one site so today's probably the last time I'm gonna see him. I wish him luck and all the best in his endeavors.

So, thank you Socket 423 for that 2 sweet handshakes from Agent Yap.

PS: Sorry if I can't post any stuffs. I'm busy with my training po. Dun sa mga nagmi-missed calls or nagte-text, please pakilala naman po kayo. Don't wait for me to text you back who you are.


PsychoMp3 said...

You can do it po. You will excel past others when the time is right. :)

Anonymous said...

keeping going miong, gud luck sa exams

Unknown said...

If I'm not mistaken, I know this "Agent Yap." I think I went to the same highschool with him. :)

Dave Montero said...

Thanks PsychoMp3 & JOSH! Hehe!

@lizard: if you already know who he is, please do not post his name here.

Unknown said...

of course. :) it's just amazing to realize that we are living in such a small world. :)

Dave Montero said...

@lizard: please contact me personally at my e-mail address ( )


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