Monday, May 28, 2007

Choco Choco Miong

[edited June 1, 2007 (updated Top 15 list)]

© Godiva Chocolates

Who doesn't love chocolates? I love chocolates! (Sounds like the commercial, eh?!)

All kinds of 'em. Bisquits, choco bars, candies, donuts, truffles, cakes, and most especially ... chocolate ice cream!

And of course, wherever it'll come from! The USA, Belgium, Australia, and of course Switzerland.

Chocolates are one thing in this world that I would never, ever resist.

Oh, and did I mention I collect imported (and some local) chocolate wrappers?

When I am all stressed out or even feeling sulky, I just grab a chocolate bar. I'm a huge chocolate lover. Kahit Choc-Nut pwede na! LOLz I used to like Serg's before, kaso wala na nun. I'm not sure if anyone still remembers it.

Unfortunately on our hometurf, there’s no good chocolate brand out here.

I actually envy Malaysia. They have Gandour. Turkey has Ülker. Both have products quite similiar to their US counterparts and yet taste good. And they’re also at a very convenient price.

© Gandour

Most Gandour products here costs PhP6.75 to PhP12 (15¢US ~ 26¢US). While the imported ones (which I seldomly buy) will go around PhP35 up to PhP150!

My fave Gandour products are Demolino, Tofiluk and Pik-One Big. I wish they could bring in some of their other products here. Or better, someone here could manufacture goods like those that are of course easy on the budget. Well, you know our government.

Well, I'm not ashamed to go over the shelves and grab those chocolates. But someday, I'll be able to pick up those Cadburies and Toblerones for myself and of course for my mom!

© Hersheys

I've always loved chocolates, better than men. But this one might change my mind.

Oh well, I hope he comes with the package everytime I buy mine!

O cia, enough na. Mahaba na ito, and I still have lists pa.

Just a warning before visiting the links below; if you're a chocolate lover (like me), you might pass out!

Miong's Top 10 Chocolate Brands:
1. M&M/Mars (USA)
2. Gandour (Malaysia)
3. Cadbury (Australia)
4. Hershey's (USA)
5. Ülker (Turkey)
5. Nestlé (Switzerland)
6. Tobler (Switzerland)
7. Côte d'Or (Belgium)
8. Meiji (Japan)
9. Godiva (USA/Belgium)
10. Goya/Comfoods (Philippines)

'Yung iba sobra ng mahal! Waaahhh!

© Tobler Switzerland

Miong's Top 15 Chocolate Products
1. Toblerone Milk Chocolate (Tobler - Switzerland)
2. Twix (Mars, Inc. - USA) / Tofiluk (Gandour - Malaysia)
3. Mars Bar (Mars, Inc. - USA)
4. 3 Musketeers (Mars, Inc. - USA)
5. Milky Way (Mars, Inc. - USA) / Metro (Ülker - Turkey)
6. Nestlé Crunch (Nestlé - Switzerland)
7. Oreo Chocolate Creme (Kraft/Nabisco - USA)
8. Pik-One Big (Gandour - Malaysia) / Kit Kat Chunky (Nestlé - Switzerland)
9. Snickers (Mars, Inc. - USA)
10. Hershey's Cookies 'n' Cream Bar (Hershey's - USA)
11. Hershey's Kisses Cookies 'n' Cream (Hershey's - USA)
12. Cadbury Dairy Milk (Cadbury - Australia)
13. Time-Out (Cadbury - Australia)
14. Demolino (Gandour - Malaysia) / Albeni (Ülker - Turkey)
15. Çikolatali (Ülker - Turkey)


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Anonymous said...

send me your addy and i'll send u some. :0)

Anonymous said...

hey i also love cho-co-late (achoco choco!) miong, i linkd u in my blog ha tnx

Isang Black Tupa said...

natry mo na ba yung chocolate na "after eight" ?

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

ขอบคุณมากนะครับ Thank you very much Dave. Thank you very much.

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