Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Tom Rodriguez transfers to GMA-7, plays a bisexual man in 'My Husband's Lover'

I didn't know Tom Rodriguez already moved to GMA-7 until I saw today from GMA Facebook Page about Tom attending a story conference for his new soap "My Husband's Lover"

Tom will play Carla Abellana's (bisexual) husband and lover to Dennis Trillo's gay closeted character.

This is going to be exciting because it will be in a primetime slot (replacing Richard Gutierrez' Love & Lies come June 2013) and I'm sure this will spark controversy. It will be the first time that a homosexual relationship will be the main topic of a TV series.

Welcome to Kapuso, Tom Rodriguez!

1 comment:

MBogs said...

Haay sayang... Mas OK sana kung si Aljur at si Tom ang gaganap na lovers, at may love scene kung saan magkapatong sila't nagkikiskisan ng mga alaga nila. Oh well, alam naman nating imposible yun. "In my dreams" ika nga..


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