Monday, January 14, 2013

Stills from 'Hunger Games: Catching Fire'

Initial stills from "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" film this November 2013!

I almost peed seeing these images! OMG

Photo above is most likely Katnis Everdeen at the start of the 75th Hunger Games or the Quarter Quell.

All photos © Entertainment Weekly and Lionsgate

Plutarch Heavensbee (Head Gamemaster) and Haymitch - probably at the dinner at President's Snow mansion

Finnick and Katnis, most likely in the Training Center

This is Gale probably when he was arrested in District 12

Katniss and Peeta in one of those Victory Tour, probably in District 11

Primrose and Mrs. Everdeen, obviously in their house at the Victor's Village

President Snow at his mansion, at the Welcome Party for the Quarter Quell perhaps?

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