Thursday, August 16, 2012

Dear Senator Sotto

Dear Sen. Sotto - by Atty. Trixie Cruz-Angeles

"In 1999 I conceived and gave birth to a baby girl who happened to have VACTRL association, a non-random clustering of birth defects. Becca had anal atresia, esophageal fistula and vertebral anomalies. In layman’s terms, she had no anus, her esophagus dead ended in the middle of her abdominal cavity and her spinal cord was snagged in several parts of the spinal column. The doctors say there was no identifiable cause. There was no chromosomal problem. This does not run in families.

In short, we, her parents, lost the genetic lottery.

She died of pneumonia arising from surgical complications. The pain was of the most profound nature that echoes in me to this day. And for every baby I see, I still think a thousand thoughts about what might have been. And yes, like you, I still cry over her, thirteen years after her death. So believe me when I say, I understand your pain.

What you do with your pain, however, is what I do not understand."

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