Saturday, December 13, 2008

Dingdong Dantes ranks 3rd in E!'s Sexiest Men of the World

Wow! Congrats Dingdong!

Other celebrities and models who made it to the list are David Beckham of UK (#1), Johnny Depp of the US (#8), Enrique Iglesias from Spain (#13), Michel Gurfi of Argentina (#2), Eric Bana of Australia (#22), Marcus Shekenberg of Sweden (#18) and Tyson Beckford of the US (#6).

View full list courtesy of PEP here.


Anonymous said...

i don't get it.

mico said...

hi miong.
i am an avid fan of your blog. i download some of my iPod songs here. just want to correct an info here. dingdong dantes is ranked 6th, and not 3rd. here is a link

have a great day. :)

Anonymous said...

But It's In The News In T.V. !!! It's Said There That DingDong is Ranked 3rd! not 6th!

James said...


the original rankings that were reported were wrong. It was based on the PREMATURE declaration by an ALLEGED Australian judge who said Keith Urban was the Australian included, but the final list didn't include Keith Urban, the Australian who was included was Eric Bana. The world picked up the faulty news from the Australian website, that explains the resulting error in rankings. It's only now that the TRUE rankings were revealed, when the E "25 Sexiest Men Of the World" video were shown on TV, first at the UK, & soon in the Americas & Asia

The FINAL & TRUE ranking was the one found in the link of Miong.

Here's the link to the clip of the E video where Dingdong was declared the "3rd sexiest menh of the world"

Mico, before you question Miong, research first


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