Saturday, May 19, 2007

Miong21 @ Valentino Magazine

No, of course I did not appear in Valentino Magazine! Last night, my good friend Rey texted me this:

bili ka ng
valentino mag,
vol.1 #7 issue
(cover: justin de
leon), article dun
abt mga gay
blogspots, 1 ka sa
g mo 4/5. saw it
from a friend's

This morning, I went out and bought the said copy. And voila!

Wow! This is a first for this blog!

My warmest thanks to Mr. Iñigo Miranda for including my blogsite in your article! I wish I could scan your model Jaspher Cabrera, but I can't. I only scanned this in a public internet shop. I even have to cover the model's pic with a white paper.

And also many thanks to my friend Rey for informing me about this!


n said...


kimoy said...

wow! very proud of you pre! your blog is actually famous...anyway thanks for adding me to your pretty sure a lot of people out there are proud of you too. Party on!

tyboi said...

the magazine got it wrong. i would rate it 5/5 :)

aceedee said...

congratulations. i knew all along that we have a creative master in this blog business. artsy. creative. a true visual artist in the digital media.


Mark Xander said...

WOW!So f-ing proud of you, Dave. Dahil mayaman ka na at di ka na ma-reach, I tagged you on my blog. ;)

Anonymous said...


Miong21 said...

Thanks guys! Haha! At Xander, hindi pa ako mayaman ha! Hehe!

Thanks A.C. for dropping by! Muah!

Riki The Dark said...

Congratulations! Keep it Up!=)

Anonymous said...

Ang grammar nyo mga ate. tumatumbling.

Anonymous said...

keep it up miong, fan mo ako... salamat for sharing it to us.. fids


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