Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Eric Fructuoso - 47 Forbidden Questions

Image © Philippine Entertainment Portal

40 + 1 point for every inch of dick he flashed at the Magic 89.9 radio booth!

Sheez! Mojo Jojo is one hell of a lucky gay guy! Been kissed by Eric and saw his wang too!

Eric is the newest member of the Diamond 40 Club along with Borgy Manotoc, Katya Santos, Luis Alandy, Wilma Doesnt and Ms. Lolit Solis.

Fructuoso, along with Mark Anthony Fernandez (son of action star Rudy Fernandez) and Jomari Yllana (brother of comedian-TV host Anjo Yllana) comprises the hot teen group "Guwapings" in the early 90's.

Download audio recordings:
Part 1 (7.05MB, 20mins 33secs)
Part 2 (7.02MB, 20mins 27secs)
Part 3 (5.14MB, 14mins 59secs)
Part 4 (4.76MB, 13mins 52secs)
Part 5 (9.75MB, 28mins 24secs)



Anonymous said...

and we all envy Mojo Jojo...that bitch!!! one lucky gay... if i were him, i would even dare to touch and taste it.. it's 7"!

Anonymous said...

thank you for posting this! i don't get to catch it everytime coz it's so early. this episode has to be my favorite by far! great posts! keep it up!

jedd said...

Unbelievably stupid show. Disappointing! There's "juvenile, this-is-so-dumb-it's-hilarious" kind of funny, but this is just plain stupid. South park, madtv, beavis butthead, ren & stimpy are all "dumb" shows, but there's something smart about the dumbness that makes it work. This show, however, is just unbelievably plain stupid.

Anonymous said...

yeah yeah, super stupid..imagine kumita ba si eric f. dyan kung mkipag halikan sya at ipakita nya ang wang nya...kawawa naman sya..or maybe it would be plain gimik lang for them na mpag usapan over and over again...and to mojo jojo, hayok na hayok ka dude!!! PATHETHIC BITCH!!!>>hehehe

Jazmin Roxas said...

paano po ba i-download?

Jazmin Roxas said...

paano po i-download? yung link po nakakalito

Jazmin Roxas said...

How to download? Hindi na po responsive yung link eh. salamat po.


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