Sunday, November 26, 2006

Chris Cayzer ST 2006

Chris Cayzer

1. I Got You
2. A Midsummer Love Affair
3. Dream Away
4. Holding Out
5. Stay
6. All I Dream About
7. I Got You [Acoustic]
8. Holding Out [Acoustic]

Download CD
pw: lhabia_2006
[ this download link is not my upload ]

CD information:
Year: 2006
Label: Star Records
Genre: OPM
Quality: VBR
Format: MP3
Playtime: 26:25 {min:sec}
Size: 55.2MB
Archive: RAR

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

hello there. i've been trying to find chris cayzer's stay mp3 for quite sometime now. and i'm losing all hopes of finding it. i was glad to know that you had a download for the whole cd, but sadly the link was broken. would you please be kind enough to UPLOAD STAY FOR ME? many please?


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