Sunday, November 26, 2006

Men of Provoq Screencaps

links to screencaps:
Scene 01: Weekender - Josh Ivan Morales
Scene 02: Masseur - Gabriel Del Rosario
Scene 03: Kanto Boy - Johnron Tanada
Scene 04: Bachelor - Dennis McIrvin
Scene 05: Rockstar - Justin De Leon
Scene 06: Hiphop Bro - Niko Arellano
Scene 07: Yuppie - Anthony Logan
Scene 08: Chef - Raymond Lim
Scene 09: Stripper - John Miller
Scene 10: College Boy - Chester Nolledo

Download all screencaps
pw: miong21


Anonymous said...

hey, where can i get a copy of the Provoq vid? Thank you ver much. -- Red

Franz Valdehuesa said...

hello dave..well,the screen caps are soooo u have a copy of the video?!if yes, send it to really tempting..

Anonymous said...

hi!! miong thanks d2 kanto boy video na grant mo wish ko salamat talaga.... more power

Anonymous said...

hi! do u have a copy of the video?!if yes, send it to me @ please thanks

Anonymous said...

hi! do you have a copy of provoq voyuer? where can i get one? please send it to me

Anonymous said...

hi! do u have a copy of the Provoq video?!if yes, send it to me @ please thanks

Miong21 said...

guys, the provoq video is too huge to upload. check out the individual download links at the b_side Yahoo! Group

Anonymous said...

miong- where on the bside group?

israel said...

can u send me some of the videos?
send it to my email:


lee17 said...

hi kuya miong21 sobra aqng fan ng blog mo un nga lang di pa ko masyado marunong sa blog. pede mo ba send nlng sakin yang mga screencaps ng provoq sobra lang aq curios. tnxs and more power sa blog mo! lee my email

Anonymous said...

please post more videos. ung sa chef and sa masseur and sa hiphop bro pa pleasseeeee..

Anonymous said...

hi miong,

just happened to stumble upon this page.. YUMMY! GREAT JOB!
can u tell me in which are of b-side I can get the link? i tried search and all to no avail.
better yet, can you email the link to


Anonymous said...

Hi miong pls pls pls can u send me a video of kanto boy of Johnron Tanada pls. Pls gift mo nlang sakin currently in vegas and dont know wer can i get those's my email you so much and more power

Anonymous said...

ahhmm... hi! juz want to ask if u know the link 4 matt evans video scandal? lagay k nmn ng link sa site mu! tanx!

Anonymous said...

if you don't mind, please do send me pics of provoq stars on my e-mail ( thanks.

Anonymous said...

hav a copy of the video, please send to

Anonymous said...

plz send me copy

Anonymous said...

pls. send copy to

june said...

please send me anything that have to do with the
provoq men at my email

Anonymous said...

u hav video of jose sarasola jackin off? pls send to Thank you.

Anonymous said...

send me also a copy please

Anonymous said...

hello miong,

kumusta...halos mayamaya sinisilip ko site mo, baka madaming new nankapost heheh,,pasuyo naman send moko ng kanto boy,sa add ko

MOre blessings Miong.
thanks ha.

ter said...

hai...dave. plz have also some screen caps about the uncovered boys..please..thanks..


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